Ongoing work

In Sickness and in Health? High risk of cognitive impairment increase divorce rates when married couples experience severe illness

with Marie Kruse, Christopher Engel-Andreasen, Maja Worm, Hysse Forchammer, submitted

Health care inequality in free access Health Systems: the impact of non-pecuniary incentives on diabetes patients in Danish General Practices

with Mauro Laudicella, submitted

Changes in referral options for GPs increase the rate of magnetic resonance imaging for low back pain patients – evidence from a natural experiment using Danish nationwide data.

with Morten Sall, Berit Schøitz, Lars Morsø and Jens Søndergaard, submitted

Taking Care of High-Need Patients in Capitation-Based Payment Schemes – An experimental investigation into the importance of market conditions.

with Anne Sophie Oxholm, Sibilla de Guida and Dorte Gyrd-Hansen, submitted

Non-pecuniary incentives in General Practice and hospitalizations for diabetes patients – estimating causal effects using a natural experiment

with Line Planck Kongstad and Giovanni Mellace, presented at: the 25th European Workshop on Econometrics and Health Economics, Odense; the Research Workshop on Public Policies, Health and Health Behaviours at KORA, Cph May 15-16 2017; internal seminar at Nova School of Business & Economics, Lisbon September 2017

Does an increase in lumbar MRI rates affect use of spinal surgery? Evidence from a natural experiment using nation-wide data

with Morten Sall, Berit Schøitz, Lars Morsø and Jens Søndergaard, presented at EUHEA phd-student supervisor Conference September 2018, Catania 

Point-of-care testing of HbA1c in Type 2 diabetes care in general practice and the effect on hospital outpatient visits and inpatient admissions related to diabetes care: Evidence from a natural experiment in Danish general practice.

with Christian Skovsgaard and Troels Kristensen, presented at 12th iHEA conference – July 2017 Boston University, USA

Impact of lumbar magnetic resonance imaging on sick leave for patients with low back pain. A nationwide register study.

with Morten Sall, Berit Schøitz, Lars Morsø and Jens Søndergaard